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You should take your time to learn about Dori Friend, especially if you are curious about what some of the most well-known people in SEO have been up to. Friend is an SEO expert and she has been into it for many years now. When the internet was still young, Friend was right there working on sites, and you will want to pay attention to what she has to say, especially if you own a website plan on starting a website or if you are just interested in SEO in general. Read on to find out more.
1. How Long Has Friend Been Doing This For- In an interview, Friend said that she had an email address when she worked for Apple back in 1993, and this was pretty much when the internet was still very young. In 2000 she started on building a business, which was This business allowed her to generate income by designing logos.
The experience she gained from making a site got her intrigued about online marketing. The business she was involved in was one of the toughest ones to crack, especially since it was so broad, in terms of the market. However, she did manage to become successful as a result of it, but the problem was that it was difficult to find time because she did have a lot going on in her life at that time.
2. What Did She Do To Learn Search Engine Optimization Worked- When Friend was running her website, she was also using PPC to buy traffic. At least at first, and it did kind of help her, but her income really grew when she learnt about SEO. Eventually she, as well as her friend, got together and decided to create a piece of software that helped them put a bunch of webpages up.
Long story short, it paid off and she made a lot of money for the list site. It worked because the software could post up to 50K page sites and this helped her reap the benefits of the ranking system. In short, the more pages you had, the better because it meant that you had a good chance of being found by people typing in certain keywords.
She is involved with the software, as well as puts on SEO workshops, and this means she has been paying attention to SEO for a very long time now. In the past, she knew that SEO was all about links and the more pages meant a big payoff in terms of getting traffic. Sure, things have changed a lot since then, but you can rest assure she has still been paying attention to SEO.
3. What Is SEO- Friend discovered that the best way to get traffic is SEO, and a good example of SEO is if you go on Google and look up a specific item or service. You know where you want to go, so you type in a specific term to find a link quickly. By getting a good rank, a high one, then it allows you to get traffic from Google or other search engines, which is what you want because you could end up getting a lot of traffic.
The truth is that Google is known for changing up their ranking system. This is because people tend to find out how they rank sites, or have a general idea. Friends software does the hard work of figuring out what ranks, which means you dont have to work hard at figuring it out on your own.
Times have changed and the SEO industry doesnt really do things to make searching easier for those who operate smaller businesses. Nowadays when you want to find a link that brings you to a site that is more real to you, you have to look beyond the larger sites that tend to come up in the search engines. You probably know what we are talking about because chances are you notice the larger sites appearing early on in the search results.
4. White Hat Isnt The Best- Friend will tell you right away that people who think manipulating the results in the search engine isnt really because they are nice guys. In matter of fact, many people have a product they are trying to sell. You may have even come across some of these guys.
Sure, Matt Cutts can say that Google doesnt cut out the small guy in the search results, but do you honestly believe that? Friend doesnt believe it because she knows that the SEO world is filled with people who are like that. However, you cannot be that, at least for the most part because remember that you are on the good side of Google.
Many people believe they are good at what they do, and they believe that they arent actually breaking any rules, but Friend said that if people try to change their rankings in any way, then there is a chance you are going against Googles terms. A good example of this is if you do something that you believe will give you a boost in rank besides just making a site easier to crawl. The rules that were laid out by the company technically means you would be breaking the rules.
5. Learning SEO Is Tough- The world of SEO is tough to learn, but Friend teaches people what it takes to get your site to rank better in Google. The truth is that she doesnt really give a lot of info about what happens in her marketing workshops, but one thing is for sure, and that is the information she provides to people is extremely reliable. Plus, this is a good thing because long story short, it keeps you ahead of the competition because they will likely not have this information, at least not before you do, therefore it is a good thing she doesnt reveal every single thing that goes on in her marketing workshops.
Many people find that getting the right system in place is tough, at least when it comes to SEO. Even if you attend Friends workshop and receive advice, you might need a bit more help, and this is where SEONitro comes into play. SEONitro may be able to help you get the traffic you want, regardless of the updates Google has done over the course of the last few years, and this is thanks to the products and services they offer, and best of all, you dont have to put in excessive work because SEONitro makes it as easy as possible for you.
6. Can SEONitro Help You Out- It is a product that provides you with a lot of useful information and you wont have to be at the mercy of Google when you install it. You will be given useful tools and the interface is use-friendly, and if and when Google changes things up, the software can do the work for you. On top of that, the software will be updated on a consistent basis, which means you can stay on top of everything that is going on in the SEO world, which is always changing and evolving.
Its quite simple, because the products you get from Friend will help you out with SEO. You just need to go to the product tab at and make sure you take a look at each software and take a look around to see what SEONitro has to offer you. It is easy to control and before you know it, you will be downloading this product, which is very easy to do and it takes almost no effort at all, so dont worry if you arent a technical kind of person or if you have to deal with installations that will just cause you headaches, and forget about writing code of any sort.
There are many advantages that this software provides you, so the price tag it carries is actually quite reasonable. Plus, there are a number of options you can choose form, which is good news because you might be able to find something that is more affordable for you and then you can go from there. Also, you can contact the SEONitro team if you have any questions or concerns about anything, and they will get back to you as soon as possible, so go ahead and ask them any questions you may have.
7. Now What- Now that you know about Dori Friend and SEONitro, you might be thinking now what? Well, now you know that Friend is an SEO expert with a lot of knowledge and has invested in a lot of what she has learnt throughout the years and this is why many people respect her skills and look up to her, and in the long run, this is something many people can benefit from and you can finally make SEO work for you. If you have a website or you plan on starting a website and you want to get it noticed and get traffic to it, then you should visit SEONitro today and have a look around the site and choose the right product that you think will suit your needs.

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How To Find Affiliate Marketing Success
Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? Do you already have a marketing plan in place? Are you interested in making your marketing plan more effective? Are you not seeing the results that you want from your marketing? Regardless of whether or not you have an existing marketing strategy, chances are you could be doing better than you currently are. The following tips should help:
Before signing up for an affiliate program, make sure you understand the details of how you will get paid. It is important to verify that all of the tracking that is done by the company is accurate so that you get paid for the sales that you refer.
If you are looking for an easy way to monetize your blog or website, nothing beats affiliate marketing. By linking to products or services that relate to the content of your site using a special affiliate link, you can earn a commission anytime someone buys something through your link.
Dont make the mistake of thinking that you will be successful overnight. Instead, approach affiliate marketing with patience. Although it may take a little bit of time to gain traction, before long you will be making money on a regular basis. Try to focus more on building passive income streams for the future rather than making a few quick bucks for today but what is about?.
Be sure to track how your customers interact with your site so that you can tell which links, articles and videos are most popular. This will help you hone your site so that it is a good match with the needs and interests of your readers. In the end, this in turn can result in more sales
Do you have a good grasp of how affiliate marketing works? Hopefully these tips will help you develop an effective marketing plan that allows you to get the results that you want. By being proactive and learning all you can about affiliate marketing, you can find success before you know it.

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Nurse-ins have been organized at over 200 Target retail stores in 49 states across the country for 10 a.m. local time on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011. Washington has 12 nurse-ins organized at the Southcenter, Silverdale, Bellingham, Lynnwood, Spokane, Olympia, Northgate, Yakima, Gig Harbor, Lakewood and Kelso Target stores. These peaceful gatherings of breastfeeding parents and babies aim to raise awareness about the normalcy of breastfeeding and nursing in public, as well as the need for Target and other national corporations to have clear written policies and employee trainings upholding these basic human experiences.
The roots of the national Target nurse-ins began on November 29th, when Michelle Hickman was nursing her baby in a remote corner of a Houston Target store. She had chosen to use a cover and find a space unfrequented by customers, but was accosted by employees who insisted she nurse in the fitting room, threatened her, and embarrassed and humiliated her. When Ms. Hickman called Target Guest Relations, she was told that Targets policies are different from the law and was further harassed. Upon going up the chain of command, she was promised an apology, however, to date she has only received a written re-stating of Targets corporate policy; with no mention of the words we are sorry, we regret, we apologize or any other phrase that can be interpreted as apologetic. There has been no public statement, consequence for the employees, or indication that Target will make an effort to properly train employees on the rights of breastfeeding mothers and the need to support their efforts.
Target has a history of inconsistency in how they treat breastfeeding customers. Some mothers give their local stores rave reviews, others have come forth to say they were embarrassed or humiliated for nursing in their local store. Clearly, the corporate policy on breastfeeding customers that Target announced after such an incident in 2006 is not being implemented effectively across all 1700 stores in theU.S., and it is not acceptable that women continue to be harassed at Target stores for exercising their basic human right to nurse their babies as they see fit. It is not acceptable that a mother who contacts Guest Relations has not received an official apology.
Best for Babes, a national non-profit that aims to help moms beat the Booby Traps that prevent them from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals, has helped Michelle Hickman share her story, which quickly mobilized over 6,000 facebook fans on a closed page to organize the events across the country. The momentum has been tremendous, says Bettina Forbes, Co-Founder of Best for Babes, it shows that the time has come to end the harassment, discrimination, and social disapproval of moms over a behavior which is not only legal, but as instinctive as hugging and as good for them as exercise. When breastfeeding happens, we all win. New moms deserve cheers, not sneers!
There are Breastfeeding Coalitions in every US state, territory and tribal nation, available to help store owners craft policies and train staff to accommodate the simple needs of breastfeeding customers and employees.
Breastfeeding Coalitions are also among the groups advocating for passage of the Breastfeeding Promotion Act, sponsored by Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and New York Representative Carolyn Maloney, that would protect breastfeeding as a civil right, regardless of where the mother and child are at the time the baby is hungry. Almost all states have laws protecting breastfeeding in public. Most affirm a womans right to breastfeeding in public wherever she and her child have a right to be; others further clarify that breastfeeding is protected from indecent exposure charges, but in many cases, they are not being upheld. Federal legislation would go a long way toward unifying the protections needed, just as clearly-communicated corporate retail policies go a long way in directing employees how to support breastfeeding in their environment.
# # #
Best for Babes believes that all moms deserve to make a truly informed feeding decision and to be cheered on, coached and celebrated without pressure, judgment or guilt. All breastfeeding moms deserve to achieve their personal breastfeeding goals without being undermined by cultural and institutional Booby Traps. See
The Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington works to promote, protect and support breastfeeding as a vital part of the health and development of children and families. Learn more at
Contact: Rachel Schwartz
Phone: 206.919.1993

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How well does your companys email marketing campaign cut through the absolute clutter and onslaught of information your recipients experience in their email boxes? You are not only competing with companies that offer similar products and services, but you are having to compete with other emails your customers are receiving for attention.
If you are successful, an email marketing campaign can go viral, which greatly increases your website traffic and sales revenue. Learning how to make a successful email marketing campaign rewards all of the planning, the great financial investment, and time that go into creating a campaign. Make it worth your effort by following these tips.
Build the visual identity and recognition of your Fast Cash Biz company. That means always make sure to include your logo in any email, and especially in your email marketing campaign. In general, do the legwork to create a logo that is recognizable and memorable. That is the topic of another piece, but keep that in mind when creating your logo and choosing company colors.
Take the opportunity to use the email marketing campaign as a way to update contacts on what your company is doing. For instance, if you attend trade shows and collect contact information for a targeted audience, you have a great opportunity to email them your marketing newsletter.
When you are making marketing materials be creative and avoid the call to action that is cliche. Instead, focus on relationship-, trust-, and rapport-building language. Provide them useful information on how to care for your Fast Cash Biz proudcts, or when to contact you for maintenance. Train your employees to get consumers the best deal within the confines of your business.
For instance, if you run a heating and air company, and your newsletter information reminds your customers to get semi-annual checkups, have different pricing plans in place. If a customer calls, and has a compressor that is caput, and a water heater that is on the fritz, have customer-service-minded professionals who find the best deal for caring for both issues, while providing the best service at the best price you can offer.
Do include an opportunity for customers to opt out of future emails, or to tailor the emails they receive from you to be more targeted. For instance, they may have a tankless water heater, and therefore do no need to hear about what to do when water heaters burst. Remember your customers are receiving a lot of emails, but avoid spamming them with too many emails to try to keep ahead of the pack. Instead, limit emails to once weekly to avoid over-saturation.
If your email marketing campaign is a success, you are likey to hear from customers. They may take you up on the discount you are offering on half-yearly maintenance on their HVAC system. Be ready to respond within one day to such contact, or even with the two-hour timeframe if you adhere to strict business etiquette. It will impress your customers and demonstrate dedication, integrity, and good business practice.
An email marketing campaign may even go from a chore to becoming something that you look forward to creating and sending out to your Fast Cash Biz customer base. They may even enjoy the types of tips that you provide for them as well.

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Mobile marketing is a relatively new concept. As a result, many people still do not fully understand what it is or what it can do for them. Because they are unfamiliar with it, they simply ignore it rather than trying to learn more. This is obviously not a very good tactic. Mobile marketing, when done right, can be very beneficial. The following tips will help you get started.
Communicate with your customers regularly. Ask them to share videos with the community. In todays society, most people have their phones on them at all times. That means they always have a means of capturing whatever is going on around them at any given time. By having them share these videos, you are drawing them into your business and your marketing efforts.
Remember that there is more than one type of cell phone. Any ads you create must work for Apple users and Android users, for example. You do not want to miss a potential sale simply because you left out a certain platform. Therefore, it is important to take a little extra time and ensure that your ads will reach as many people as possible.
It is important to be generous with your publish academy review subscribers. For example, consider giving out coupons or allowing them access to content that no one else has. Doing so generates positive feelings among those that are following you and encourages these individuals to be more active on your social media pages or other platforms.
Instant rewards are important. Mobile marketing allows you to reach your publish academy customers nearly instantly. This is important because giving a reward in real time helps to increase buy-in and excitement. Participants will be motivated to be a part of your marketing campaign because they want the reward that you are advertising.
Get your publish academy subscribers involved in your mobile marketing campaigns. Find a hook to get them to comment, participate or something similar. This helps to increase your customer base and makes them motivated to continue following you. In addition, these individuals might recommend you to friends and family.
Your advertising has to work across multiple browsers if you want to be truly effective. After all, the goal of mobile marketing is to get as many customers as possible. If you are not allowing a certain portion of the population to see your work, your efforts are really fruitless. Do your research and get your friends and family members to help you test your ads to make sure they work across a variety of platforms.
Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what mobile marketing is and how it can help you. Take the ideas included here and use them to improve your own campaign.